Cannabis is the on the ears everywhere, especially in the food industry. With the legalization of marijuana in many countries, people are looking for new and creative ways to incorporate into their lives, including their food. Cannabis – infused dishes became a new trend in the culinary world, and there is no doubt that this […]

Sleep is a vital aspect of our health and wellness, and we all need it to function properly. However, for some people, sleep can be elusive, and it can be tough to get a good night’s rest. Whether it’s due to stress, anxiety, pain, or other factors, sleep problems can have a negative impact on […]

Cannabis legalization in Thailand has been a hot topic for years. The country is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and friendly people, but the government's recent bid to legalize cannabis in Thailand is the most recent. According to a report by the UTCC, Thailand's legal cannabis market is estimated to hit 28.1 B baht by the end of 2022. The