How to Get High Without Smoking: 8 Ways to Consume Cannabis

For numerous marijuana consumers, the idea of smoking cannabis is offensive. It could be one of the numerous reasons; it’s not very inconspicuous, the smell of marijuana stays – and smells "skunky", the thought of breathing in smoke is repugnant, it’s rougher on the lungs and for some, it’s problematic. Packing a bowl or rolling a joint is time-consuming and takes effort! There are numerous ways to consume cannabis more easily. Yet, walk into a chemist today and there is a dizzying range of products to select from. Numerous dispensaries look more like an Apple computer store than a place to buy cannabis in Phuket Thailand.

But, those marijuana products on display in the glass cases may seem just as foreign as the newest tech gadget.

It takes time and some education to learn all the dissimilar ways to consume your weed devoid of smoking it.


The initial step to consuming cannabis at home is decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is an impressive word for a procedure that most cannabis users are already acquainted with. It’s the procedure of using energy to transform the lively parts of the raw cannabis plant into a form that is practical for your body. The active fixings in raw cannabis (even after it’s been healed) are mainly tetrahydrocannabinolic acid and other cannabinoids in an acid form. Decarboxylation split up the cannabinoids (the compounds like THC that have therapeutic and psychoactive effects) in cannabis from the carboxylic acid that they are bonded to utilizing added energy, like heat. The extra heat breaks the cannabinoid (in this case THC) away from the acid group, causing activated THC and an outcome of carbon dioxide.


If you don’t want to consume cannabis the antiquated way, consider just a few other ways to utilize marijuana devoid of smoking it.


Eating is the usual consumption technique for people who want to intake cannabis without smoking it. You have to be very cautious with edibles, though, as they’re far more intoxicating than smoked cannabis. Not like other marijuana delivery systems, edibles are processed and broken down by the liver. The liver converts the THC into numerous metabolites, including one called 11-OH-THC. This metabolite is very psychoactive because it crosses the blood-brain barrier as much as four times quicker than THC. That’s why the effect is so extreme.


Powders are among the new-fangled cannabis products to hit the market. They’re just right for users who are turned off by marijuana smoke because they’re unscented and insipid. Just add a serving to any food or drink and enjoy. Because the servings are facile to measure, you can make sure of a more precise quantity than with other delivery techniques.


A tincture is an oil product, typically contained within a glass or plastic vial that you take orally. Even though cannabis tinctures are still harder to find than straight CBD tinctures, they’re becoming progressively popular for their ease of utilization and quick onset of action. Just fill the dropper, place the fluid under your tongue, and let it be absorbed into the blood vessels for about 25 to 50 seconds.


If you’re familiar with taking your medicine in pill form, marijuana tablets may be a comforting and familiar way to consume marijuana without smoking it. They’re easy to take, and you can simply control the dosage to make sure dependable results. Just take them with water.

Because capsules are absorbed by the abdomen and absorbed by the liver, the onset of an act is similar to that of edibles. The effects should become evident within an hour and last at least 4 hours. Start with the lowest optional dosage, as these are very potent.

Marijuana Vapes

Vape devices heat cannabis oil to the point of evaporation. The vapor that is omitted is nearly fragrance-free and is more efficiently transferred to the cannabinoid receptors all over the breathing system.

Pros of Vaping

  • It’s accessible. Vape technology has turned out to be very popular in recent years, meaning you have many alternatives to select from at a variety of price points. 
  • It’s movable. Vape pens fit effortlessly in your pocket and don’t need an extreme amount of equipment, making them available anytime you require them.

Cons of Vaping

  • It still makes an effect on the respiratory system. If you have sensitive lungs or do not wish to inhale cannabis in any form, vaping is not for you.
  • They’re battery-powered. Though this power technique makes them very portable, they do require recharging or replacement, whereas other techniques relinquish electronics altogether.

Using Cannabis Infused Topical

Marijuana carries numerous curing properties that can be practical to the body through cannabis-infused topical medicines – no smoking, intake, or evaporating necessary. These topical can also be a great method to consume cannabis that doesn’t cause odor. 

There are many advantages to balms, salves, lotions, and other products. Doctors and professionals endorse them to patients with outward and inward indications such as inflammation, skin annoyance, muscle cramping, and other ailments. These products are exceptional because applying them typically doesn’t mean that they come in contact with the bloodstream. Consequently, they don’t give the same type of “high” as smoking, so your mind will be less affected while your body still gets healing benefits. 

Marijuana Patches

Transdermal cannabis patches signify one of the newer inventions in the market of medical marijuana. Just apply the patch to an intravenous area of the body, and the cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream.

One benefit to using patches is that they’re often modified for various conditions. For example, if you suffer from soreness, you can use a patch that contains the specific cannabinoid ratio to treat that condition (based on existing medical research). Another benefit to using patches is that they’re very discreet. Just apply the patch to your skin and go about your day.

Is Smoking Cannabis Bad for You?

Different techniques of consuming cannabis may impact your body in different ways. When you breathe cannabis smoke into your lungs, the compounds instantaneously move in your blood circulation and rapidly make their way to your mind and other tissues. The things may onset within seconds to minutes. When you eat or drink the products of cannabis the effects may start within minutes to hours. There’s ongoing discussion around the effects of cannabis on the body. People report numerous physical and mental effects, from harm and uneasiness to soreness relief and relaxation.

Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Without Smoking?

If you’re in search of an alternative to smoking, or you just prefer to try out certain new ways to experience cannabis, any of these intake ways are a great start. Just be sure to pay attention to your dose and be sure that the technique and strain you’re consuming are perfect for your preferred effects. It may take some research and guidance to find the best alternative for your requirements.

If you want some help finding the best consumption technique for your amusing or medicinal cannabis, our shop Greenhouse can help. Our responsive and familiar staff members would love to discuss the different consumption ways and strains for your illness or desired effects. 

Vape Flower with a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers have turned out to be the new device for herb users. Something that was earlier looked down upon but now is developing at a very quick pace, the intake of herbs, particularly cannabis and marijuana, has seen a massive rise in the recent past. Data have shown that since Covid-19, 55% of cannabis consumers have increased their cannabis intake, 60% more females have turned out to be cannabis buyers, 25 Billion Dollars’ worth of weed was sold in 2021, and authorization of cannabis is supported by people of Phuket in Thailand.


What Is The Best Method To Consume Cannabis?

Well, the finest way to consume cannabis is in a vaporized form or eatable form however, if you prefer to smoke it then the simplest way would be a joint. Both terms are utilized in different ways across the world but in European nations, a joint usually refers to a cannabis cigarette whereas a joint refers to a weed-tobacco blended cigarette. The majority of people in Phuket personally prefer the joint because they stopped smoking tobacco and having tobacco presents an intrinsic lure to smoke it.

How Many Ways Can You Consume Cannabis?

If you’re just about to try consuming cannabis, you may find the whole procedure intimidating, given the dizzying array of techniques available for consuming cannabis in Phuket. You have to see which preeminent works for you or what will give you the best high. Consumption of cannabis via inhalation. Bongs are typically made of glass and designed to hit your lungs with cooled smoke. Bubbles are alike to bongs, with the main dissimilarity being their size and movability.

What Is The Safest Way To Inhale Cannabis?

Vaporizing weed is the safest way to inhale cannabis. Vapor is not devoid of possible unnatural effects but it is an improvement over smoking. All items required for vaping weed can be bought in our shop Greenhouse. The most suitable way for vaping weed is to get a wax pen and some cannabis concentrate (up to 92%THC) to vaporize.

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