How to Properly Store Cannabis

Cannabis is an exceptional flower that needs special care. If you see your plants become dry more than before, you want to think about some investments in weed storage equipment. Appropriate storage doesn’t only problem ardent smokers or veteran growers, but infrequent enjoyers as well. Due to the nature of the flower, fluctuating dampness and exposure to air can extremely reduce its strength when consumed. No one wants crumbling brown buds. That’s why researchers around the world found numerous ways to store Cannabis and preserve them, whether we are on the go or we are keeping a certain strain for special occasions. Cannabis has had a direct connection with mankind for many years. Cannabis has psychoactive and beneficial qualities. The cannabis flower can flourish to five meters in height in the forest. It flowers between the fag end of the summer season to the autumn ends. Many local communities across the world have been consuming cannabis for numerous purposes like spiritual, recreational, and medicinal.

Several physicians prescribe medicines having cannabis to patients suffering from such ailments as glaucoma, manifold sclerosis, cancer, and HIV, among others. Cannabis also provides the spirit to the heart and the effects have been proven to be akin to a person exercising frequently in the gymnasium! Cannabis is proscribed in numerous countries. Often, cannabis users destitute of the drug are violent. By way of explanation, cannabis is addictive psychologically. The effect is quite similar to anabolic steroids. What is more, addiction to numerous hard drugs is the source of major sociological or health difficulties. Research has revealed that users of cannabis are less prone to make such annoyances. More than 300 chemicals constitute cannabis. At Green House Rawai we are always ready to give tips regarding cannabis how and where to store it.

Whether you are a beginner to cannabis or have been relishing its special benefits for years, you must learn how to store your products appropriately to make sure they stay fresh for providing possible. The reality is that while cannabis can stay upright for as long as a year when put in storage appropriately, there is a lot of misrepresentation out there concerning storage approaches. Unfortunately, unsuitable storage can damage cannabis in a matter of weeks, instigating it to lose its smell and effectiveness.  Cannabis value and effectiveness change over time. In the living vegetal, the THC and CBD precursors are found in their acid forms, CBDa and THCa. These are not psychotropic. Only when they drop a portion of their molecules do they turn out to be active as THC and CBD. This happens naturally gradually and is quicker in the presence of light and height, particularly ultraviolet light. When you visit our cannabis shop in Phuket we can give useful tips about Storing Cannabis in a proper way.

A study conducted on deficient cannabis stored for four years at room temperature (68-72°) found that the percentage loss of THC was proportionate to time in storage, with the utmost loss in the first year. As the THC level drops, the concentration of CBN rises.

Storage Years wise

Total THC Loss

Annual Net THC Loss



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How to Properly Store Cannabis Flower

While selecting the right kind of container to store your weed in is imperative, it’s similarly as imperative to store your containers in the exact place. Study reveals that your cannabis will worsen much more rapidly if uncovered to heat, dampness, oxygen, and sunlight.

While you can’t stop the aging procedure, you can unquestionably slow it down! Above all, you’ll require ensuring your weed is placed in the best containers and stored in a cool room at the appropriate temperature and dampness.

When it comes to storing your cannabis, the technique you choose makes a big dissimilarity in how long your flowers preserve effectiveness and freshness. At Green House Rawaiwe give tips that should help you know what to do and what to avoid when it comes to storing your cannabis:


Heat and Humidity

You have to preserve a very specific balance when it comes to, humidity, heat, and cannabis. If your method of storage introduces excessive dampness, you run the mold infestation threat. If it isn’t moist adequate, though, the cannabinoids and terpenes will end up withering away. While they’re pretty different results, disagreeableness is equal between them. Usually, you must ensure your Cannabis Flower area doesn’t get hotter than 25.6ºC. The country like Thailand is quite hard to store Cannabis. Get a couple of tips from our shop Greenhouse for our customers in Phuket.


Numerous factors can lead to the deprivation of cannabis flower, but the huge factor that will worsen your cannabinoids is light.

Extreme Cold

Icing buds are controversial because it’s easy to lose trichomes when moving ice-covered buds. You do require being extremely cautious when handling ice-covered buds as the trichomes (glitter) convert into brittle and can simply break off at very low temperatures.

How To Store Cannabis Properly

Storage alternatives for cannabis vary based on the kind of cannabis product being stored. Loose-leaf cannabis plants and stems require being stored in a different way than manufactured products like medicinal supplements or beauty products. Read on to study four useful tips for storing cannabis-related products appropriately.

Dissimilar cannabis strains must be stored definitely to help each strain maintain its specific benefits. The flavors and smells are distinctive to each strain, and mixing them can cause divergences in flavor profiles. It’s also imperative not to over-handle cannabis for the reason that it can decrease the effectiveness of seeds, flowers, and stems. For amusing users, it may aid to store various types of cannabis in categorized jars with child-resistant caps, then keeping them in timber boxes designed to be attractive and useful. 

The state guidelines nearby cannabis products may also have a result on how to weed must be labeled or stored, so remember to check the updates frequently. Keeping loose-leaf marijuana and cannabis-based products in good airtight storage containers helps make sure you get maximum effectiveness and health benefits. 

Proper Temperature to Keep Cannabis Fresh

There is no matter how you store your cannabis, in order to keep it fresh and real, the temperature it’s put in storage can play an important role in the inclusive process. While it’s authoritative that you store it at a good temperature, understanding how to keep it fresh at all times makes sure to have a more pleasant smoking session and feel it when it’s the most effective. When storing your cannabis, keep it in the dark away from any sunlight and where the flow of air is restricted.

What is the perfect temperature for storing Your Cannabis?

You can’t have a discussion about keeping cannabis fresh devoid of talking about what the ideal temperature is for storage purposes. If you store your stash anywhere that’s too hot or damp, you’re increasing the probability of mold and mildew growth. Though, an environment that is too dry and warm will dry out your cannabis, causing it to get hard and smash. Arranged, dry buds will break apart simply. But, they will most probably be strict and unpleasant when smoking them.

Does Cannabis lose its Effectiveness when it Became Dry?

As talked about above the detriments of dry cannabis are that it gets stiff and can be fragile apart. Though, it will also become too harsh to smoke. Does it lose its effectiveness as well? Yes, it does. In fact, as cannabis dries out, it loses gradually more effective as the drying process progresses. As a result, you may feel very little when smoking dry cannabis. 

How Do You Know if Cannabis Has Gone Bad?

Smell: Cannabis refined and healed to the highest standards typically spreads a pungent and enjoyable aroma.

Look: quality flowers, like fresh, vigorous produce, are responsible for a few optical hints to help you find their quality. While all upright cannabis should be visually attractive, a top-shelf strain can easily show a vibrant range of colors.

Feel: Top-shelf flowers must be tacky and slightly spongy when you touch or smoothly squeeze them between your fingers.

Flower structure: Adeptly refined and cured Sativa-leaning flowers are apt to be light and furry in shape and arrangement, while indicas incline to be tighter and denser in flower structure.

The major risk old Cannabis poses to you is mildew. Moldy cannabis won’t hurt you the way noxious food might, but the smell of mold smoke is a lousy experience, and clearly not good for your lungs. The fine news is that mold doesn’t hide well, so a close look should reveal any.

Best Containers to Store Cannabis and Keep It Fresh

There are lists of Cannabis products that were not prepared with the single purpose of storing Cannabis in mind; though, weed is just one more herb, right? Here are four great references to store your weed, whether you want it to last longer or just keep it in good physical shape and fresh.

Airtight Jar

This might be a mason jar, a glass flask for spice or aromatic plants, one made for weed, or even a container designed for coffee.

Smell Proof Bags

These kinds of bags are very different, thin, and travel size, typically made with fine technique and ingredients like Velcro, polyester, inner carbon lining, and even pretty valuable locking systems.

Waterproof Airtight Tubes

Ingredients such as polymer, aluminum, and glass will do the trick. These minute tubes typically come in packages of 5 and their travel size, is around 4.5 inches or 11.5 centimeters.

Smell Proof Fragrance-Free Stash Box

Stash containers often look like expensive grown-up lunch boxes. Frequently made out of cutting-edge carbon technology, these kinds of boxes will keep your weed –and all your accessories like grinders and such– freshly protected, and safe from water and dampness.

Cannabis and cannabis-infused products have short shelf lives. While some last a few months, others last just a day or two, making storage and transportation quite a challenge.

Storing Cannabis Products

The storage life of cannabis-infused foodstuffs primarily depends on

  • Ingredients used
  • Method of Preparation
  • Temperatures managed under
  • Packaging material
  • Conditions of Storage
  • Usage format

Storage cannabis and cannabis products aren’t a great task as some people make it out to be. Yes, it is a delicate herb that needs mindful efforts to put in for its worth to remain so it doesn’t lose its effect, but with simple spring habits, you can keep your cannabis fresh and strong for longer periods.


What Should Cannabis Be Stored at?

The perfect temperature to store your Cannabis is approximately below 21 degrees C. The too-high temperature will dry the flower out and destroy terpenes, making a substantial difference in the effectiveness and flavor. Do not ever store your weed in containers that don’t provide a good seal.

How Should I Store My Bud?

To safeguard your bud from the numerous external forces that work against it, in Phuket we suggest an airtight glass container. There are flexible plastic airtight flasks but plastic can make buds sweat dampness out. Glass mason jar is the ideal choice when it comes to profitable long-term storage.

What Is The Best Long Term Storage For Cannabis

Finding the correct containers for bucking is important. But more than that, cannabis producers are now facing an extensive array of processing containers and long-run storage solutions. Packaging plays an important role in cannabis processing and storage. As the leading provider of recyclable agricultural packaging in Phuket, we are pleased to provide our skillful perspective on the pros and cons of the preeminent long-term cannabis storage solutions.

Should You Store Cannabis in Refrigerator?


Never store your cannabis in a refrigerator as humidity and temperature levels vary too much and aren’t set at perfect levels to initiate with. A cool dark place is always better for long-run storage than these household appliances.

What Temperatures Should You Store Cannabis Seeds?

The perfect temperature for cannabis seeds storage is between 7–8. It is scientifically proved that the lower the temperature, the slower their strength and ability to sprout decreases. Always evade uncovering your seeds to light for too long

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